Guy Hepner

Guy Hepner is one of the world's premier galleries for contemporary art and photography collectors. Founded over a decade ago in London, Guy Hepner is now housed in a gallery space in Los Angeles designed by a top architect, on West Hollywood’s elite Robertson Boulevard adjacent to many luxury boutiques including Fendi Casa, Chanel, Armani and Dolce & Gabanna. Guy Hepner specializes in pop art, neo pop art and high fashion photography. Representing many of the world’s most celebrated photographers and advising many top corporate, museum, celebrity and private collections, Guy Hepner has been involved in the acquisition of many of the most iconic images of the last decade. Guy Hepner is renown for continually being ahead of the trend line for identifying emerging artists and has repeatedly been acknowledged as developing the careers of several now major artists.
Basquiat Dustheads. Sold for $49 million this week. #basquait #art #warhol

Basquiat Dustheads. Sold for $49 million this week. #basquait #art #warhol

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